Rail Mail, riding the train under London’s streets

The experience of riding in the Rail Mail train at the London Postal Museum is a joy for any age (unless of course you suffer from claustrophobia). RailMail. Photo by Caroline BanksFrom the excitement of seeing the little train arrive RailMail. Photo by Caroline Banks RailMail. Photo by Caroline Banks RailMail. Photo by Caroline Banksto getting in (it’s a pretty tight squeeze for two adults side by side as these carriages were designed for mailbags, not people)RailMail. Photo by Caroline Banksthen riding through the tunnels, sometimes only centimetres away from the walls.RailMail. Photo by Caroline BanksWatch an audiovisual history on one of the platformsRailMail. Photo by Caroline Banksbefore returning to base. RailMail. Photo by Caroline BanksYou can even sit in the engineer’s train and press some switchesRailMail. Photo by Caroline Banksbefore moving on to interact with more exhibits. I enjoyed seeing engineer John Scott’s toolbox made from an old mail carriage, look at all those tobacco tins lined up and labelled.RailMail. Photo by Caroline Banks