Watching the orchestral conductor Marin Alsop conducting during the Proms inspired me to ask if I could draw her in rehearsal. I was invited to sit in on a couple of her rehearsals with the BBC Symphony Orchestra including one for the last night of the Proms. They were very intensive listening and drawing sessions and gave me an immense amount of source material.

Here are some of the results.

Woman of the Apocalypse  Paint, gesso and ink with copper leaf on canvas 100 x 100cm £1624 + shipping

Focus Gesso and ink on paper 85 x 69cm £660 + shipping

Tempo I

Tempo I   Gesso, ink, watercolour and graphite on paper    42 x 30cm   £500 + shipping

Shostakovitch III

Shostakovitch III   Gesso, watercolour and ink on natural linen board 18 x 13cm   £ 250 + shipping

Caroline Banks Art

Rehearsal II   Gesso and ink on card    42 x 30cm   £500 + shipping

15.09 Shostakovich moment (1)

Shostakovitch Moment   Gesso and ink on canvas board 30cm diameter   £ 480 + shipping

15.10.02 Shostakovich moment

Rhythmic study (triptych)  Gesso and ink on natural linen board 10 x 30cm   £ 380 framed + shipping

16.02 (2)

Shift  (triptych)  Gesso, watercolour and ink on natural linen board 10 x 30cm   £420 framed + shipping