These pieces coincided with a commission, Point by Point below, but I had already begun to explore the idea of recording the intangible.

Lawn1 - Buro4_ArtComp_08.09

Point by Point   Gesso, watercolour and graphite on card    60 x 240cm NFS

Point By Point (detail) 240 x 60cm

Point By Point (detail)    60 x 240cm

Stillness & Motion study 2 15 x 10cm

Stillness & Motion (study 2)   Gesso and watercolour on cardboard   15 x 10cm   Sold

Gravitational 1 42 x 29.5cm

Gravitational 1   Ink and watercolour on watercolour paper   42 x 29.5cm   £ 330 + shipping


Moment (study)   Gesso and ink on watercolour paper 15 x 10cm    £ 150 + shipping