Unreal Estates curated by Amanda Lwin

Looking for a place to rent or buy with a few original features? Then why not go to Unreal Estates, an exhibition curated by my former studio-mate Amanda Lwin  in a real estate agency, Homefinders, at 146 Kingsland High Street, London.          Photo by Caroline Banks

Exploring the current housing situation, she’s brought together a group of writers and visual artists to create alternative descriptions and imagery for homes. It opens up a compelling alternative view of property , confirming what many already feel, that owning a home is a completely unrealistic fantasy for them.Photo by Caroline Banks Here are some images which ideally need to be seen with their text so I highly recommend a visit or, if you’re too late for the show and accompanying brochure then visit the website.

Here is the “double bedroom house share for the easygoing and non-judgemental”; Photo by Caroline Banks

the “25 year lease on exquisitely renovated Georgian house”;Photo by Caroline Banks“fixer-upper for seasoned renovators, mild pest control required”Photo by Caroline Banksand “attractive Victorian terrace with toxic waste”.
Photo by Caroline BanksHer plan is to make this a touring show with local artists and writers working in each specific location so sign up for updates.