Raw Materials at the Nunnery Gallery, Bow Arts.

East London has a rich and varied textile history for manufacturing and  innovation which this exhibition, at The Nunnery Gallery, Bow Arts,  examines.

Photo by Caroline BanksThe invention of the first synthetic dye, mauveine, by William Perkin took place at his family home in Shadwell  and brought the colour purple to the masses Photo by Caroline Banksand wood block printing by R.E. Littler for Liberty of London took place in the Lea Valley.Photo by Caroline BanksContemporary creativity still abounds in the East End with current work by artists and designers including London College of Fashion student Isabella Dunne’s “Raw Pressed” digital printPhoto by Caroline Banksand Sarah Desmarais’ fashion prints as well as Photo by Caroline Banks Photo by Caroline Banks Freya Gabie’s Chatham rope and spun golden thread piece  90,000 miles across the sunPhoto by Caroline BanksPhoto by Caroline Banks

Back to the history, I just had to include the compact spinning wheel Mahatma Gandhi brought for his 3 month trip to England in 1931 during which time he was based in Bromley by Bow. 
Photo by Caroline Banks