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A couple of Amin Taha Architects’ buildings in North London

It’s exciting that 15 Clerkenwell Close by Amin Taha Architects , will be open for this year’s Open House London Weekend. It’s built on the site of an 11th century Norman Abbey which stood here till the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century and now houses the architect’s office as well as flats and a small public garden.Photo by Caroline Banks Photo by Caroline Banks Photo by Caroline BanksI cycle past Barrett’s Grove, N16, another project by the same practice, on a regular basis and am fascinated by the use of brick as a covering for the entire structure, including the roof.  The actual structure is cross-laminated timber (CLT) and won the RIBA London Award 2017 and RIBA National Award 2017.

Photo by Caroline Banks Photo by Caroline Banks Photo by Caroline Banks Photo by Caroline BanksI’m not sure this will be open during Open House London but you can see both buildings close up from the outside as shown above.

Breathe: A Green Lung – installation at the Barbican

There is always more to see than anticipated when visiting the Barbican  and this was exactly the case whilst on my way from Yto Barrada’s Agadir in The Curve to Another Kind of Life: Photography on the Margins in the gallery.

I came across this small installation tucked into a corner called Breathe: A Green Lung, devised by Cityscapes with Heywood & Condie  in which a stained glass greenhouse is enclosed within two green walls.       Photo by Caroline Banks

Photo by Caroline Banks

Photo by Caroline Banks

Increasing greenery within an urban environment is preaching to the choir here; what really appealed to me creatively was the stained glass greenhouse Photo by Caroline Banks with its amended imagery. To see more of their stained glass work click on this link.Photo by Caroline Banks

Street set building before the filming of Guerrilla

You know how it is, you’re on the way to work and a familiar street changes before your eyes. This little patch of London was transformed over a period of 3 days for 1 day of filming. I was told that it was for the upcoming TV drama Guerrilla starring, amongst others, Idris Elba.IMG_9384

I couldn’t resist photographing the transformation including removal of speed bumps and most of the road markings.


IMG_9385 IMG_9386 IMG_9389 IMG_9391 IMG_9392 Considering the action takes place in the 1970’s some of the shops were hardly altered, something I found both strangely reassuring and slightly unnerving.IMG_9393 Testing equipment for the sound of alarms.IMG_9397

It’ll all be gone next time I cycle past.

Pigeon Air Patrol in London


If you live in a city and want to know more about the air quality in your area then get in touch with the Pigeon Air Patrol.

This innovative idea involves pigeons flying around (as they do) equipped with tiny little air monitoring backpacks devised by Plume Labs, which report on the quality of our air.
Pigeon air patrol

Pigeon air patrol 2

To sign up or find out more please visit the Pigeon Air Patrol website for London and Plume Labs for other cities.

Seen during one of my walks on a grey autumn day

I walk past this house on a regular basis and have always been curious about the layout as it’s not a standard shape. I’m none the wiser as to the inside but was delighted to see that the owners had decorated the front door for some unknown (to the passerby at least)  occasion. The hydrangeas are holding up pretty well but other flowers such as dahlias were past their best. I still think it looks good and love the autumn colouring.15.11.04 Doorway

Zoe Bradley and Jamie Fobert Architects at Burlington Arcade

Zoe Bradley - Burlington Arcade (1)

Cutting (hah!) through Burlington Arcade the other day I saw that paper artist Zoe Bradley’s paper flower chandeliers were still up.

Zoe Bradley - Burlington Arcade (2)

Zoe Bradley - Burlington Arcade (6)Her commission was to celebrate the gorgeous new flooring installed as part of ongoing restoration of the arcade. Jamie Fobert Architects created the traditionally inspired yet contemporary design made up of 64,000 pieces of British stone

Burlington Arcade floor (1)

Burlington Arcade floor (3)

For those of you who like numbers, the chandeliers consist of 1860 flowers made from 9676 petals and 2100 leaves,


Final Sale – public art at the Old Building London School of Economics

Walking back from a private view the other evening I saw this in the distance which begged a closer look. The Old Building at the London School of Economics is the location beautifully lit up at night.

London School of Economics (1)

Final Sale is a temporary installation created by the Recycle Group dealing with consumerism in our current global recession, recycling imagery and materials.

From afar it looks like delicately etched glass but close up you can see that it is moulded mesh London School of Economics (2)

Look at the shadows on the stone.London School of Economics (4)It’s heartening that the LSE, one of the leading centres for economics in the world, emphasises the necessity and importance of art and culture in our society.