Sculpture in the City

My former studio-mate, Amanda Lwin, is one of the artists in this year’s Sculpture in the City and led a tour for Nocturnal Creatures, the arts festival organised by Whitechapel Gallery so here are a few pictures of her work with some of the others we saw.

Her piece, A Worldwide Web of Somewheres is in Leadenhall Market Photo by Caroline BanksPhoto by Caroline Bankswhere you can also find I’m Staying by Shaun C Badham.Photo by Caroline BanksThe Adventurer by Gabriel Lester thoughtfully includes seating  Photo by Caroline BanksMichail Pirgelis sliced a section of an Airbus 300 for his piece UNIVRS  Photo by Caroline Banksthen we came across Tracey Emin’s Your Lips Moved Across My Face hidden away in a narrow alley. Photo by Caroline BanksThese were only a few so visit the website to see more.